6 Basic Bird Watching Tips for Beginners 2022

Birding is one of the most mind soothing and exciting hobby that anyone can enjoy. Basic Bird Watching Tips for Beginners will be discussed below. There is not a lot of this needed. Just some Curiosity, some equipment, and proper guiding.

Prepare a list of birds you want to see, or make a list of places that you want to visit for birding. The real joy is here that when you will start making list. you will find many unnoticed things like there might be some rare birds in your neighborhood.

But you didn’t even know. Some birds are rare to watch as they migrate with the season change. Birding is the beginning of noticing the wonder of the world.

As birding itself very low maintenance and fun activity, it is more fun to do with family or as groups.

However, there are some basic steps that one should follow to enjoy the birding. Check these 6 basic birds watching tips for beginners when you are on the mission to birding.

6 Basic Bird Watching Tips for Beginners

Steps 1:

Need some optical zoom equipment, like nice set binoculars or a spotting scope. The enjoyment of watching the birds highly depends on how closely you can observe the movement of the birds. The better stable and magnify ability your equipment will have the more big, bright and crisp your picture will be.

The happy news is that there are some very good binoculars and spotting scope available with very good specs within a reasonable price. Some of them have a lifetime warranty and waterproof. They generally range from $ 100-$300. But for buying something powerful like spotting scope you might need to pick up the game.

Steps 2:

Proper field Guide is necessary to select the place for your birding.

The more accurate info you will have in your hand the more success ratio will be. There are some maps, which cover full North America, of eastern and western America.

The thing is you can get information from the web very easily. From here, you can get vast info about more than 600 species of birds for free (http://allaboutbirds.org/guide/). You can also ask the local bird watchers for more info about the birding spot.

There are some great birdwatching blogs and magazines. The different article has different findings. You may follow some you find that something picks up your taste.

Steps 3:

The bird feeder will help you to take your birding to the next step. When you have all the things in your hand, you have set up bird feeders in your backyards and can get a look at birds from closer by inviting them into backyards. You can use any kind of bird feeder.

But using different kinds of bird feeders will help you to see different kinds of birds. Like having hummingbird feeders in summer will bring you the joy to see the hummingbirds. You can also target a specific kind of bird by giving the food that attracts them the most.

Steps 4:

Among the bird watching tips for beginners, having a camera is very important. It is like keeping the trophy to yourself. After discovering a new species, you might want to know more about it or to show others. Only taking a photo is the best option for the present to others. A

s birds are the creature to adore, taking a picture is more reasonable. However, your equipment should be able to take the picture properly. Otherwise, you will only get a blurry image.

For that cause, you must have a tripod set up with proper camera mount options. For Digiscoping see our other post on how to choosing the right equipment. Digi scoping is also called a form of art.

Steps 5:

Skills to identify the bird is very important to get the full out of birding. Once you have birds on your looking scope use the four-step approach to identify the bird properly.

First, look at the bird’s size and shape, and then look for the main color pattern to match up. If still, you are unable to identify the bird than taking notes of its behavior and other factors that could help to identify the bird properly.

Final Steps Basic Bird Watching Tips for Beginners

Steps 6:

In the 6 basic bird watching tips for beginners, the last one it to keep the record of this birding. You might have look at the list and can tell about your progress.

The longer the list the more advanced you are. By keeping the record, it makes easier to find more species and explore more.

Another thing is there are apps for birding. Which helps the bird watch a lot and support in various ways.

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