Top 5 Best Rangefinder Reviews 2022

Over the last century, rangefinders have developed for use in different fields such as hunting, golfing, and archery. We will discuss the best rangefinder reviews here. For example, hunters will need the best rangefinder to determine the distance between them and the target.

In the following write-up, we explore the most critical specifications on rangefinders and present the best ones on the market. As a hunter, the accuracy of your shot is a crucial element to success in the activity, and the rangefinder is at the center of such success.

Check out the following rangefinder reviews.

Best Rangefinder Reviews

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The upgraded laser rangefinder features a continuous scanning mode and can measure up to 540 yards. Its use of the latest technology makes the rangefinder more accurate and convenient to use. With precise measurement, you can improve your game and enter the league of pros.

It has a rugged and water-resistant body that can take a considerable beating associated with outdoor use.

But apart from its durability, the golf rangefinder is dustproof, and fog proof. You can, therefore, be sure of bright images, without impurities on the lens. It is therefore perfect for golfing or hunting.

The pin sensor technology provides quick and accurate measurements on overlapping objects. As a result, the rangefinder is perfect for wooded areas and golf flags. You can get the measurement in yards or meters, depending on your preference.

The diopter adjustment makes it possible to get clear images and the right measurements to improve your targeting. It does not matter whether you are far away or close by; the functionality will improve your view significantly.

The multi-layered optics provide essential information such as battery status, distance, and continuous measurement mode. The Through-the-lens display is ultra-clear and quite convenient to use. It features three different scanning modes, and therefore appropriate for every condition, and terrain.

The target locking functionality gives you even more confidence to make the shot as a hunter. Furthermore, it is also easy to use, and all the buttons are inconvenient places.

We all want a compact and lightweight rangefinder to ensure its portability and ease of use. This golf rangefinder only weighs 145 grams, and it is not very big to fit in the pocket.

The full package includes a carrying pouch, a battery set, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quick start guide. The carrying pouch is especially useful for hunters and other outdoorsmen. The bag is not only sturdy and protective of the device but also aesthetically appealing.


  • Upgraded laser rangefinder with continuous scanning mode
  • It can measure up to 540 yards
  • Pin sensor technology for quick and accurate measurements
  • Multi-layered optics display that provides convenient information
  • Compact and lightweight rangefinder for increased portability
  • It is waterproof and dustproof


  • The numbers on the screen may not be very clear
  • The distance measurement may be inconsistent

2. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector-Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder

A stunning HD clarity is one of the most critical features in a laser rangefinder, and that is exactly what you find in this device.

The laser rangefinder has one of the most beautiful bodies that are durable as well. The rugged housing is waterproof and comes with an attractive Realtree Xtra camo pattern. You will also fall in love with the bone collectors iconic logo.

But is it the best hunting rangefinder?

Most importantly, the pattern and the iconic logo make the laser rangefinder impossible to spot, and you will not compromise your camouflage as a hunter.

You will find the single button operation to be quite convenient and easy to use. There’s nothing complicated about the rangefinder, and that is a good thing, especially for the hunter.

The laser rangefinder has a lightweight housing that makes it easy to carry. It is compact as well, and can fit in your hunting bag without any issues. Is it the best hunting rangefinder for the money?

According to the manufacturer, the rangefinder is accurate up to 600 yards and is therefore perfect for target shooting or hunting. The in-view LCD plays a vital role in getting the right measurements that you can rely on when hunting or playing golf.

All it takes is tapping the one button on the device, and you get all the information that you require. The aiming reticle is as efficient as everything else in the laser rangefinder, and therefore, the best hunting rangefinder.

The crystal clear and bright optics are especially useful for people that love to hunt in low lighting. And unlike most other rangefinders on the market, this device has a magnification of 4 times to improve the images. The objective lens is 21 mm to provide the best results when playing golf or hunting.


  • Stunning HD clarity for the best images out there in the field
  • Single-button operation that is convenient and easy-to-use
  • Accurate up to 600 yards
  • The rangefinder has a lightweight housing
  • It has a durable and aesthetically appealing body
  • Four times magnification and 21 mm objective lenses for the best images


  • The lighting may not be excellent

3. Bushnell Elite Rangefinder 1 Mile 7×26 with CONX

The compact and lightweight rangefinder comes with an impressive range of between 5 and 1,760 yards. It is the stuff that hunters and archers will find quite useful. The seven-times magnification is also remarkable and contributes to the exceptional images that you can act on confidently.

The rangefinder has a wireless conx app to communicate with the Android and iPhone devices to ensure the right configurations. You can apply the three custom ballistic comes through the smartphone.

It is, therefore, possible to get the measurement data in Mils, MOA, or inches on your smartphone or the display of your rangefinder. The best laser rangefinders are always convenient and easy to use, and this is what this device is all about.

The hold-over values incorporate the wind data for improved accuracy. That means you can use the kestrel wind meter together with the device to improve your shot significantly. The bullet drop feature included in the arc rifle mode gives you various sites in distance options such as 100, 150, 200, or 300 yards.

Other essential features include the brush, bullseye, and scan mode to improve your targeting and performance in the field. You can use the rangefinder with a magnetic attachment system. It is compatible.

The rangefinder has a fully waterproof and rugged body for enhanced durability. It has fully multi-coated optics for better images in a variety of weather conditions.

The device also features diopter adjustments for easy use. You can get the right measurements quickly and effortlessly when out there hunting. The built-in tripod mount is another essential feature that most other rangefinders do not have.

In particular, the tripod mount proves useful with a higher magnification of up to seven times that this device has. It is one feature that most hunting rangefinder reviews usually miss, but is quite essential.


  • An impressive range of between 5 and 1760 yards
  • It comes with a 7 x magnification
  • Conx app that allows secure communication and configuration using the smartphone
  • Hold overvalues incorporates the wind data for improved accuracy
  • Fully waterproof and rugged body
  • Fully multi-coated Optics for better images
  • An internal tripod mount


  • The kestrel is smaller and may not be very accurate
  • Bluetooth setup is not easy

4. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

The laser rangefinders couldn’t be this easy to use, compact and lightweight. As one of the best laser rangefinders, Vortex Optics features a clean illuminated display that you can read in a variety of conditions, including low lighting conditions.

The fully multi-coated lenses deliver optimal transmission of light, and the rubber armor is durable and provides a non-slip grip for accuracy when using the rangefinder. The fog proof and waterproof performance keep the system functioning effectively without any challenges.

That means you can use the rangefinder in the harshest conditions such as when it is raining. You don’t have to stop hunting because you are worried about the equipment. But the device is covered by the vortex VIP warranty, and you can use it with confidence.

The highly intuitive menu is easy to use, and you can select your preferences and choose the right mode for the activity such as hunting. The primary HCD mode is most appropriate for hunters. The angle compensated distance Is most useful for bowhunters and rifle hunters.

The advanced LOS mode makes it possible to calculate the long-distance high angle shots with improved precision, and you never have to go home empty-handed, and therefore, the best rangefinder for the money. A scan feature gives you different and accurate data on the distance of objects as you move the rangefinder from one target to the other.

The rangefinder has three brightness settings that allow you to select the most appropriate based on the current lighting conditions. It runs on a standard CR2 battery, and the battery status is visible on display.

The removable utility clip makes the laser rangefinder easy to carry along to the hunt.


  • The laser rangefinder is compact and lightweight
  • It comes with a clean illuminated display
  • Highly intuitive menu
  • Primary HCD mode and angle compensated distance for bowhunters and rifle hunters
  • An accurate scanning feature
  • An option to choose between the three brightness settings
  • It has a convenient utility clip that makes it easy to carry the device


  • It may take time to read the longer ranges
  • A rangefinder may not be very capable above 600 yards

5. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

The Nikon Coolshot rangefinder has an attractive and durable body that anybody will feel comfortable using. The measurement range of between 6 and 550 yards is entirely appropriate for outdoor activities such as golfing and hunting.

It is compact and lightweight, as well for portability. More importantly, it has a 20 mm objective lens for improved light transmission, and brighter images. The multi-layer coating captures as much light as possible to prevent reflections that can cause wrong reading.

The long eye relief design is comfortable to use in the field. You also have a focusing diopter at your disposal to use by adjusting to get the right measurements.

All the objects in the golf course such as the trees and other barriers are captured for precise distance, and you can gradually improve your game. You don’t need reflectors or satellites to get the right measurements.

The speed and precision are distinctive of the Nikon Coolshot, and you can rely on it to get accurate measurements to improve your golfing. You can therefore gradually improve the game management skills and driving range on the golf course.

Other essential features that improve your view include the 6 x monocular and the optical technology that is distinctive of Nikon. And at 4.40 ounces, this may be one of the lightest rangefinders on the market.

And despite delivering a powerful punch, the rangefinder is compact and can fit in any pocket. Therefore, there is no excuse to leave it behind in every game of golf. We must also mention that the device is USGA compliant.


  • Attractive and durable body
  • A decent range for golfing and hunting
  • 20mm objective lenses
  • 6 x monocular
  • Only weighs 4.4 ounces
  • Powerful and compact
  • USGA compliant


  • May not effectively lock on the target
  • Not very accurate over long distances

The Ultimate Guide on how to find the best Rangefinder

Rangefinders were initially developed for cameras in 1916. They were prevalent in photography for several decades before the single-lens reflex technology overtook them. However, rangefinders did not go away; they lingered on, but not in photography.

In contemporary society, rangefinders are standard with many navigation systems, land surveys, golfing, and hunting.

How to Pick the Best Rangefinder

Before you can purchase the best rangefinder, you need to determine which type is the best for you. Typically, there are two types of rangefinders: laser and optical. Most of the devices in the above hunting rangefinder reviews are optical rangefinders since they are the latest.

The optical rangefinders do not need battery power to function. They have a rugged body, and mostly feature a marked reticle to gauge distance. Optical rangefinders are lightweight and have a history in military use as optical devices.

Laser rangefinders are the new technology that’s replacing optical rangefinders and are highly accurate. The device uses laser pulses to determine how far an object is from you. There may be a few complications associated with laser rangefinders, but people do not have a problem with it.

The shortcomings are a small price to pay, considering the significant benefits.

Of course, you will need to know the maximum range of the device. Ideally, the best rangefinder for the money should cover the field for the activity you will be using it for. For example, the rangefinder must exceed the distance between you and the target in archery or golfing.

the distance is usually a problem with laser rangefinders, and you must check it before you make any purchase decision.

More current rangefinders feature and LCD or LED display. The LED is mostly better than LCD in terms of bright images and battery consumption. Also, the LED display is more adjustable, and therefore ideal in a variety of conditions.

Larger objective lenses are ideal because they produce brighter images, but they come at a cost. They are bulkier and more cumbersome. If you hunt at dusk or dawn, or even in the deep forest where lighting is low, then a large objective lens is most appropriate for you. Therefore, the best hunting rangefinder for the money has a large glass for the best resolution.

You get more accuracy with the smaller range readings. Unfortunately, this is usually a problem with laser rangefinders. Ideally, the maximum reading should be in gaps of 10 yards in archery.

The weight of the object is another vital consideration, especially when going out in the field for long distances. The weight of the rangefinder varies significantly depending on several factors such as the model, brand, and the much you are willing to pay.

When it comes to magnification, optical rangefinders perform better compared to laser rangefinders. It is vital to get the best information regarding the target for accuracy. It helps you set up the visual equipment for the shot.

High magnification rangefinders will also need a tripod for stability.

The ruggedness of the rangefinder is critical. of course, you will be using the optical equipment outdoors, and it is imperative if it can withstand the shocks associated with the outdoors. It should also be waterproof, and of course, fog proof.

Waterproofing is not very important, but it ensures the protection of your investment. The protection of investment comes before everything else. A fog-proof rangefinder guarantees better images regardless of the weather conditions.

Hunters will find the scanning mode feature, indispensable. It allows you to scan an area to know the approximate range and that the prey may enter.

But apart from the scanning mode, the next best feature for the hunters in a rangefinder is the inbuilt ballistic software. The feature helps the hunter correctly determine the bullet drop and accurately shoot the prey.

Are rangefinders accurate?

Any hunter or avid outdoorsman will be worried about the accuracy of the rangefinder. Typically, the accuracy of the rangefinder is the primary source of the best experience when out hunting or target shooting.

The science behind rangefinders is not challenging to comprehend. Mostly, the rangefinder produces laser beams that travel to the target and back. These devices usually have an in-built high-speed clock that records the time.

When the laser beams return from the target, the device captures the readings and relays the data to the sensor. The rangefinder then interprets the readings by using the default algorithms and logic before displaying the final result on the LCD. But is this system accurate?

The more advanced range finders utilize the multi-pulse technology where it produces a burst of laser pulses. The numerous pulses gather a wide variety of data such as the rain, fog, and particles in the environment to achieve more accuracy.

Mostly, the accuracy of the rangefinders is down to the build quality of the equipment. Also, the laser-beam deviation plays an important role. The longer the distance, the more the variance, and the less accuracy.

If you are a hunter, it will do you much good if you invest in a high-end rangefinder that will get you accurate results, regardless of the distance.

The type and size of the target will also determine the accuracy of the rangefinder. Don’t target small and non-stationary objects such as branches. Instead, reflective and static objects will have better results.

Do rangefinders zoom?

Some laser rangefinders on the market come with zoom functionality. But it is not a common feature in the majority of the rangefinders.

You will find monocular laser rangefinders that are compact and lightweight. However, you still have the option of choosing the binocular laser rangefinders for more accuracy. The binocular laser rangefinders are more substantial and bulkier, but a small price to pay for the efficiency they provide.

Please note that the binocular laser rangefinders are more expensive than their counterparts, the monocular laser rangefinders. But as with all good quality equipment, the best rangefinders that feature the zoom function are costly to acquire.

The basic principle behind laser rangefinders is the use of light to determine the distance of the object. Its accuracy rests on various factors such as the barriers between the rangefinder and the target, as well as the size of the target. Ideally, you should target big objects as opposed to small ones.

Big objects will also be natural to zoom.

The reflectivity of the object will also determine the accuracy of the rangefinder. If there are hurdles between the device and the target, you will struggle to get accurate readings. It would, therefore, be essential to move to a spot where you can get a precise view of the target, without barriers.

The above rangefinder reviews include a few rangefinders with a zoom function.

Concluding Remarks

The above guide will help you get the best rangefinder on the market. As a hunter or an outdoorsman, the quality, and more specifically, the accuracy of the rangefinder can be the difference between the best hunting experience, and the not-so-good experience.

Good quality range finders, like those in the above rangefinder reviews, may leave a large hole in your bank account, but they are always worth the price. Of course, different brands and models of the rangefinders will have different prices. Determine how you’re going to use the rangefinder, and the features that are most important to you, and then move on from there.

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