How To Become a Better Birdwatcher – Pro Tips 2022

Finding a lot of birds during the birdwatching is not a very easy task. “How to become a better birdwatcher: pro tips” are presented to you here. You can find more birds by following some simple tips, cause the more bird you will see the bigger the checklist you will have.

How To Become a Better Birdwatcher

Try to be quite:

Birds are easy to get scared. They startled by loud noises and sudden movement. They will fly away to get cover. Birds have much batter hearing capability so it is not possible to sneak up on a bird. Therefore, it is better to stay some way and watch their activities with the heart’s content. So bare the temptation and stay on the safe side.

Avoid sudden movement or any disruption:

Any kind of sudden movement or other change in the environment might startle them away. Some sudden movements like swing the tripod in the air or trying to scare other animals might cause birds to fly away.

Use your ears:

Try to find out the bird’s location by the sound. Birds have a very cute way to express their activity. Try to hear them and sure, you will discover their location. There are various kinds of birds sound. For better understanding, there are records of birds sound with detail info and videos on the web. It is a very good way to learn about our little friends.

Have the Right Optics:

How to become a better birdwatcher: pro tips it chooses the best magnification you can get. It is difficult to get close to the bird’s nest due to their alertness. For that reason, we have to observe them from far.

Binoculars or spotting scope is the only way to keep an eye on them. However, what about a bird’s habitat that is farther than normal distance. For that reason, we need the perfect binocular.

The optics should give the proper magnification, brightness, crispy image, and natural color. Some low power optics equipment is not capable of zooming up to 10x.

Predator birds like eagles, hawks are more alert. It needs more power to check on them and their activity. To get a proper view you should have considered your distance of target before choosing the equipment.

So before purchasing any spotting scope or binoculars, try to calculate your average target distance and prepare with more zoom power needed. Because it is always, better to have an extra edge.

Works the flocks: Chances of finding the rare bird is quite low unless you cause a whole flock of them. Finding a single bird is quite challenging due to its agile nature and swiftness. When you can count there are 5 sparrows, there is probably more 5 sparrow in that tree.

Be patient:

Birds love to conceal their presence. Therefore, you might have to be a lot more patient in bird watching than any other task. A bird hiding behind a bush will surely move to a clear spot eventually. The patient is the only thing that could bring you the ultimate view.

How To Become a Better Birdwatcher

Try to blend with nature:

Bird watcher often tries Camouflage clothing. To more you will blend into nature the closer you will be able to get to the bird’s habitat.

Try to avoid bright color cloth and blend into the background. Like if your surrounding is full of leaves try to wear that tone, or try the earth tone to blend in the ground.

There are general tips that will help one to become a better birdwatcher. Enjoy the bird watching more by taking snaps of them and share with everyone.


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