Straight or Angled Spotting Scope- Best tips 2022

What is your preference for spotting scope? Should you buy a straight or angled spotting scope? There is a lot to debate and the decision to get the right one depends on your choice.

A spotting scope can be used for many purposes, hunting, tracking, birding, or even for stargazing. The question is what will be your partner in the quest.

Let’s discuss should you buy a straight or angled spotting scope.

Straight spotting scope:

A straight scope will keep the eyepiece in the horizontal plane as the object is in the same line of sight. In the straight spotting scope, the vision is parallel to the ground and the target object is straight ahead. There are some pros of the straight spotting scope.

The main and the most valuable point that goes to the straight spotting scope is that anyone can use it. The Skill level does not have any factors in using the straight spotting scope.

Especially for the newbie, the straight scope is sure helpful, as you do not have to leave the eyepiece and track the object with your own eye. For hunting a target shooting straight spotting scope is the best, it will provide you the guide and the point to shoot on the focus.

Another this is straight scope can be easily mounted on the blinds, ride-lines, and car mounts. It is much faster to track the target with a straight scope rather than the angled scope.

In this scope, the eyepiece has more protection from rain and snow. The straight scope is great for flat surface observation, like marine watching or nature observation.

The disadvantage of Straight Spotting scope:

As the eyepiece is at the same level of your eye long time use can become uncomfortable, like hurting around the eyelid, etc. but it happens only when you use it in prolonged observation.

Another main disadvantage is that when you are Digiscoping the weight of your equipment might not adapt with the straight scope, hence it might harm your eyepiece. There is also a chance that the photo kit might not be stable enough to get any picture.

Straight spotting scope needs a heavy Tripod, which is why it is difficult to use it when there is a need to carry the tripod for long-distance or need to climb mountain areas.

A straight spotting scope is not suitable for any kind of astronomy activity of stargazing.

Angled Spotting scope:

When the question “should you buy a straight or angled spotting scope?” comes to mind; try to imagine what you need the scope for? For what purpose the scope will serve. Let us review the advantage of the angled spotting scope.

An angled spotting scope is best for bird watching or any kind of astronomy activity. For stargazing, angle scope is the best.

It also allows you to use the scope for a prolonged period. Put much less strain on your neck because you do not need to create pressure on your neck.

Another advantage of the angled scope is that it allows the flexible digiscoping equipment to mount. Also, support heavy equipment to take the picture.

Need less heavy tripod, which is much helpful when you are on a camping or long time tracking. As a short tripod is useful with the angled spotting scope, it allows the batter stability from wind and other obstacles.

An angled spotting scope is easy to use with different people of different heights. A tall person can adjust the rotation collar. As the eyepiece is in the upward direction, you can easily see into the setup for a shorter person even if you are taller than he is.

The disadvantage of angled spotting scope:

As the scope is angled, it is difficult to track the target if the target is moving. Cause you will have to move the scope to an angle to track the target. However, over time you will get used to it. The angled spotting scope is a little difficult to glass in the much more downhill angle.

Such as if you are standing in a tree branch and trying to see below it. Another this is spotting scope is not easy to use from a car window mount. Its eyepiece is more exposed; so it is affected by rain or snow. Which might lead to some difficulty during its use.

As the angles scope have more feature it requires some more experience. The price of the angled spotting scope might be more expensive than a straight spotting scope.

So should you buy a angled spotting scope? The answer depends on your needs. If you are looking for various use then go for the angled spotting scope. Angled spotting scope also works better in sharing it. But for hardcore hunter and tracker you might want to choose the straight spotting scope.

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